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Who are you, and who do you want to be?

Perhaps you are struggling to answer these questions. All of us go through phases when we're unsure how to proceed, and our confidence fails us. We may feel insignificant, stagnant, and alone. We may not believe it's possible to make changes in ourselves and in our relationships.  Regardless of your situation, sometimes the most effective solution is to seek guidance. I can offer you a neutral, non-judgmental presence that is eager to understand and guide you to a place of healing and growth. No struggle is too hard, no depth is too low to come back stronger than you were before. Allow me to travel the journey with you. 



Hi, my name is Chelsea. I am a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) practicing in downtown Bothell, WA. My eclectic experience in the mental health field inspired me to earn a masters degree in counseling psychology and create a therapy practice. My background includes work with inpatient psychiatric clients, social services, adoption and foster care, at-risk youth and families, and parent/life coaching.  In my practice today, I enjoy working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. 

For as long as I can remember I have been intensely interested in people, seeking to understand their history, pain, motives, and desires. Although I have witnessed a great deal of suffering in the world, I consider myself a "glass half full" personality who believes that all people have inherent potential and strength. 

Along with my passion for helping others, my interests include painting, drawing, decorating, antiques, health and nutrition, listening to all types of music, spending time with friends, and enjoying my family and my dog. 

My Office


Therapy Space 



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I consider my approach to therapy to be "eclectic with intention". You won't find me holding any particular theory or technique too tightly, because no approach works for everyone. Instead, I focus my energy on being a therapist who is:

  • Empathetic: Listening in a way that makes you feel fully heard and understood. 

  • Challenging: The therapy process often involves being uncomfortable and facing stubborn life patterns. 

  • Motivational: Without hesitation, I know you can do this. I strongly believe every human holds great potential and often doesn't know their own strength. 

  • Encouraging: Your strengths and successes deserve acknowledgement and celebration.

  • Coaching: Offering my own education, research and wisdom to guide you on your journey.

  • Willing to put myself out of a job: My goal is to work with you on becoming the person you were capable of being all along- and then get the heck out of your way. 

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