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Sat on the Rocks

What is the difference between counseling and life coaching?

The two can easily go hand-in-hand, or be separated into different approaches. Counseling more frequently delves into the client's deeply personal, traumatic, or complicated history, and helps the individual identify areas of growth. Life coaching can build off of the process of counseling by taking action on the identified growth areas. Typically a more active and goal-driven process, coaching produces life-altering results for the client who is willing to work for it. The client should expect to feel inspired, challenged, and invigorated by their coaching sessions, and will walk away with tangible strategies and tools to utilize in their lives. Although life coaching can be applied to many issues, some topics include: 

  • Health and nutrition 

  • Career and life trajectory

  • Parenting 

  • Habit management 

  • Assertiveness training

  • Organization

  • Self-esteem and identity building

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